The cosmetic headband

Why do you need a cosmetic headband?

It is the first and the last thing you do after waking up & before falling asleep: washing your face. That is why your safe & pure skincare rituals should be performed with a breeze. A perfect solution for keeping your hair up and out of the way – “Rituale Skin Stories” cosmetic headband. It is the ultimate accessory when pampering, cleansing, masking the skin or simply applying your everyday make-up. Your hair can be a nuisance so tie them back with our elastic band for comfortable, convenient and safe control of your hair.

To ensure premium quality and result, the headband is made from an extremely delicate and practical fabric. It will not only  absorb excess moisture, hold your hair safely tucked away while performing your skincare routine, but will also keep your luscious locks swept away from your face and free from product. In line with the needs of our customers, we wanted to create a minimalistic headband design that would match “Rituale Skin Stories” beauty fridges. By choosing one of the 2 headband design colors (black / white), you will match them easily with any of the silky or satin underwear & pajamas. Admit that now we spend much more time at home than ever before. You won’t believe how subtle & elegant such a trifle can be. The headband can be used  for face mask application, skin washing routine or even doing your  make-up. It will also serve your needs whilst enjoying a hot bubble bath, various SPA beauty treatments or having massage sessions. By giving yourself some more comfort  with these headbands you will definitely create a ritual that elicits a smile.

Origins of a cosmetic headband

Headbands and their specific appliances have been worn for centuries. The very first version of a headband was in Mesopotamia, where men and women used to wear it to keep their hair back. Later on, ancient Greek civilization champion athletes & poets were being awarded with some kind of a headband – a laurel wreath (headpiece that sat around the back of the head). But when did they become real fashion accessories and were adapted for a cosmetic use? In the 1980s, they gained widespread popularity in the form of sweatbands which were worn around the forehead during physical activity to absorb sweat and keep it from reaching the eyes. Subsequently it was noticed that the same thing can be used for personalized beauty  routine.  So this is how the cosmetic band gained its final form.

Our overall vision was to give a special task for our ever-improving production: to create something exclusively different and new. Something more than a simple hairband. So “Rituale Skin Stories” cosmetic band is made of a high quality, lightweight and soft fabric. It is washable and reusable. Looking for a refined gift? Ideal choice to  order it as a present for a friend, sister or mother. Let’s inspire each other with these luxurious headbands that will have us looking forward to waking up and washing our faces!

What do we love about it:

  • Adjustable size
  • Hair protection
  • Holds firmly
  • Does not slip down
  • Soft, comfortable & elastic
  • Light weight, easy to apply
  • Absorbs excess moisture
  • Reusable.

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