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Our clients are constantly facing various problems related to skincare. What products or companies are the best? How to combine different active components? What treatments must be taken and where? Lacking a clear plan and appropriate knowledge can result in a prolonged journey to a better skin condition.
Individual consultation together with a personalised plan will help answering these questions. Following this personalised package, no further distraction will be needed. You will be professionally guided to achieve a way healthier skin condition.
What will you receive:
◦ a detailed skincare plan,
◦ a plan of recommended treatments at home,
◦ a plan of recommended professional treatments + a contact list of trustworthy experts,
◦ a list of recommended products for your daily skincare routine (two pricing options),
◦ a list of recommended home treatment products (two pricing options),
◦ a list of recommended vitamins & supplements,
◦ tips & tricks for a complete skincare routine.
Instructions: answer our questions and attach 3 photos of yours in the same daylight if possible: fresh skin with no make-up on; with make-up on; problematic skin zones close-up (acne, wrinkles etc).
The video presents a detailed guide.

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Pridėti į mėgstamiausius
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Following the acquisition of this package, a professional analysis together with a six-month detailed plan of skincare routine steps & recommendations will be specifically based for you. It will not only contribute to a better result, but also establish correct habits for your healthy skin in general. According to this plan, we will provide you with the relevant sets of recommended products. Our beauty actually starts on the inside, therefore “Rituale” sets will also favour different food supplements to enrich your inner features. You will also get a plan of all professional treatments with a list of trustworthy experts to visit. Personalized service package will have 2 separate pricing options in conformity to your possibilities & needs. On the basis of our long-term experience, we do only offer meticulously selected products and partners. Your skin is the window to your body that reveals the stories of your life. Let us be your guide.

Fill in the required fields, click “add to cart” and make the payment. After receiving submitted information we will get back to you within 3-5 working days. The plan will be sent by email with all of the given detailed instructions.

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