The Beauty Fridge

To chill or not to chill?

There are different types of women when it comes to skincare routine order. Some of them like to have everything at hand on a sunny windowsill, where every single piece is reached  by the direct sunlight and heat. Others just keep skincare products in their bathrooms or even arrange special make-up tables, wardrobes. However, it is quite difficult to keep everything tidy  and maintain appropriate storage conditions for our products in spaces like these. Therefore, some women who want to keep the quality and effectiveness of their skincare tend to place it in kitchen refrigerators along with food. If stashing those products in a regular-sized fridge sounds like an appropriate solution, it will do the job just fine as long as you don’t mind making that distant walk to the kitchen when you need something. But over time, opening up your food-filled fridge to grab a  sheet mask will seem a bit pedestrian. So is there a solution?

YES: the beauty fridge! If you do still have doubts about investing in it, there is science to back up why using one may be a good idea. First of all, would you agree that there is nothing more enjoyable than a layer of something featherweight and cooling on a parched skin which is asking for a fresh touch? It not only feels better on the skin when cooled, but is also absorbed better. On the whole, your best bet is to make sure products are always stored in a cool, dry place and avoid letting them sit in humid spaces. If there is no ventilation in your bathroom and it takes ages for the steam to fade from the surfaces, that humidity can increase risk of bacteria, mold, and yeast growth. In addition, hot temperatures can fasten deactivation of active ingredients and affect the texture & consistency of products. So this is where our exclusive beauty fridge comes in.

According to dermatologists, storing products at a constantly cool temperature and preventing from becoming warm will help them to maintain their beneficial ingredients for longer. So in order to really prolong the shelf life of your products as well as enhance their application experience due to the cool-therapeutic effect, we recommend storing the cosmetics at a lower  value than our usual room temperature. Never keep your skincare or food supplements on a sunny windowsill, in a steamy bathroom or near radiators as excessive heat could degrade the active ingredients. This especially applies to heat & light sensitive vitamin C, retinol, acid-based products and items with benzoyl peroxide. They are all more unstable when exposed to light & heat, thus benefiting from a fridge. All in all, refrigeration can help prolong that shelf life by providing a more stable environment. Various food supplements,  collagen drinks, beauty shots, hyaluronic acids or other medicinal products are no exception.

Why do we not recommend keeping your skincare  in kitchen refrigerators altogether with food? Bear in mind that if your fridge is kept between the standard temperature of 1-3°C , this cold may affect the consistency of some products, making them thicker and more difficult to spread. Afterall, we  don’t want everything to be too cold like your household fridge (it can end-up freezing the items instead). So that is why the “Rituale Skin Stories” beauty fridge was created. It sustains temperatures of 7 to 10°C, resulting in products not being cold, only cooled!  It also has to be noticed that cosmetic  products stored in a kitchen refrigerator can absorb the smell of any of the foods in it.   What is more, a strictly segregated & sterile  skincare situation will make even more sense when protected from children and animals. Crucially, if you want to have a clean & aesthetical space in your bathroom, the beauty fridge devoted to your skincare rituals might be really worth having.

You will be highly surprised about the huge  impact of refrigerated skincare products. The cooling effect on the skin can help complement the active ingredients in serums that are designed to  soothe, hydrate and brighten the skin. Applying a cold moisturizer can even help calm an inflamed skin barrier for symptomatic relief of itching. Face & eye creams, night treatment serums, sheet masks and gel formulas all benefit from refrigeration storage. In particular, low temperatures constrict blood vessels, which takes down inflammation and drains fluid build-up, soothing the skin for a fresher look. Moreover, keeping a hydrating mist or aftersun cream in the fridge can also have a calming effect if you suffer from rosacea or have caught a severe sunburn. Any formula that contains aloe vera is not an exception: when cooled, the ingredients can be incredibly effective.

Of course it doesn’t mean that getting a beauty fridge  you should start throwing everything inside one. Some ingredients are best left out of the cool environment. For example,  keeping facial oils in the fridge could result in a change of texture leaving it lumpy and difficult to work into skin. The tincture itself can separate and become ineffective. Another mistake would be chilling the clay masks which can harden and become practically useless.

Lacquered in shades of solid black or elegant white marble, the “Rituale skin stories” beauty fridge is designed to be compact in order to fit into places like your bathroom, bedroom, or car if needed. It is adaptable to various product sizes & dimensions. With different customer needs in  mind, the fridge comes in two sizes: miniature 10l or spacious  20l. Depending on the size it has 1 or 2 removable  shelves inside. The door has a tiny storage compartment which is perfect for holding face masks or jade rollers. What is even more exciting,  there is a touch screen  with temperature control function. Just a few clicks  and it will allow you to adjust not only the cold, but the warm  temperature levels also.  Thanks to this additional heating function, the beauty fridge can be perfectly exploited not only for home skincare routine. Salons will love it  for the ability to  add exceptional values for SPA treatments to be performed. The heating effect can easily warm wet towels & waxes. It can also be used  to warm-up special massage  stones & oils.

If you seek for more aesthetical home environment and like the idea of keeping your favourite cosmetic products chilled & on hand right in your bathroom or any other space, why not  rewarding yourself with this luxurious ritual gift which will also become a  trendy element of your interior? The beauty fridge  can be easily moved to any other place or taken with the luggage if needed.  And if you’ve never experienced storing skincare cosmetics chilled, you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how great it is.   So  going back to the question ‘is it necessary to refrigerate my cosmetics at all?’… Do you know the answer now?

Why do we recommend the  „Rituale Skin Stories“ beauty fridge:

  • SAFETY. Cooler temperature keeps bacteria away from your products. They remain clean and sanitary.
  • EFFECTIVENESS. Refrigerating  keeps products fresh and leads to the extension of their shelf life.
  • AESTHETICS. Clean space,  aesthetical home environment. Out  of the reach and sight  of children.
  • SOOTHING EFFECT. Products that are chilled can calm the skin. Keeping cosmetics in a skincare fridge helps to reduce inflammation because of the cooler touch of the product.
  • VERSATILITY. It can be used for various cosmetics, face & bodycare products, food supplements.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONALITY. Cooling & heating modes. Touch screen temperature control function.
  • COMFORT.  Suitable for all types of rooms with an electrical socket.
  • MOBILITY.  Suitable for travelling. Chargeable in the car with a separate power cord.
  • SILENT noise. Sufficiently low value of only 38Db.
  • TRENDY INTERIOR ELEMENT.  Elegant & solid designs. Two color options for different interiors.
  • WARRANTY of  2 years.

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